Standard Package:

$50 gets you an orignal flyer, delivered electronically as a print-quality PDF. From there, do what thou wilt! I recommend FedEx Office copy service. And if you utilize their online ordering, you don't even have to get off your ass until time to pick up the prints. $1.88 per 11x17 full color copy ain't bad. Or go black-and-white if you're poor.

+CD-R Package:

If you need your finished art on removable media, it's an extra $20 to burn a CD-R.

The Full-Meal Deal:

For $100 you'll get a shiny new CD-R with a burn of your flyer PDF. Also 20 full-color copies of your flyer, delivered in person directly to your hot little hands. This includes quality control and color-proofing on the print side -- so what you see is what you'll get.


* All prices include one round of revision. All flyers are tagged with [fine print].