Well act like it! How many amazing performances have you put on for a handful of people? Stop playing to the Wind Gods and get some warm bodies in the door. How to do it? Itís all about promotion. Hit the bricks and hang your name on something with spunk … a Reverend HarryCoin flyer.

Youíre probably thinking ďWe canít afford pro-style flyers!Ē Check out the standard package and prepare to be pleasantly surprised. Looking for other means of promoting your music like tees, banner ads, CD packaging or even a killer website? Not to worry! I got the hookup.

Experience for yourself the pride and satisfaction that comes from top-notch promotion of your band. Itíll warm your heart when that cutie with a pierced lip and pink hair walks up to you after the show and says ďOH-EM-GEE I love your flyers! I snatched one to hang in my bedroom.Ē

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